Creamy Dreamy Coconut Oats

I never was the biggest fan of oatmeal… Mom used to make it to us sometimes in the mornings when she thought we should have something other than sandwiches & yoghurt for a change. She served it with milk & jam on top. I always thought the taste was a bit off and bitter. Growing up it was not exactly my to go breakfast… But when I went vegan I started to see all those pictures of pretty oatmeal bowls and I decided to try it again. This time, with older grown taste buds, I loved the taste of oats! It became my to go breakfast even though it was steaming hot summer at that time. Nowdays oats is still true comfort food for me, but I rarely have it plain anymore. Why, when the options are endless?

Now it is summer time here and I love my oats cold with a lot of all the fresh fruits & berries in season. And, who wants to stand over the stovetop making oats when there is so much more productive things to do now in summer? So. I know what you are thinking. Overnight oats… Yeah, sure. Give us something new. But I can’t help it! This is too awesome to not post! Picture this – dreamy creamy coconut overnight oats. Um. Yes please!?! This is totally my new to go breakfast! I love it with mango and fresh strawberries. Or blueberries… Raspberries… Anything! But the mango is totally NOT optional.

Alpro coconut

The key to this is alpro’s new coconut almond milk blend. If you can’t find it you could just use all coconut milk or half and half. You could also use any other coconut flavored plant milk. Just soak your oats with chia seeds in your nut milk overnight and you got your overnight oats! And then. Hear me out on the toppings. Because this will change your life. For real.


1/2 cup (100ml) oats

1/2 cup (100ml) apro coconut Almond milk blend

1/2 tsp chia seeds


1 whole mango (yellow skinned, they’re the best!!)

A lot of sliced strawberries, raspberries or blueberries.. Or any berry you love!

Chopped walnut, cashew nuts, brazil nuts or any other nuts or seeds you like!

A lot of cinnamon

Raw cacao nibs


  1. Mix everything togheter in a jar and let it sit overnight! For a quick fix version you can just soak it for 15-30 minutes. Won’t be as creamy though.


And this is just ONE of my favorite to go summer recipes! If you want more coconut mango bombs, be sure to check out my Superfood breakfast pudding  you can do it with the coconut almond milk if you have any left! But if it is colder where you’re at you might want to check out my Basic Vanilla Oatmeal  instead?

Hope you all enjoy all the summer fruits, veggies and berries while you still can!


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