About Me

Who Am I?

If you are Reading this you are probably wondering – who the heck am I and why do I post on a blog? To answer the question – I am a fourteen year old Swedish girl who has a huge passion for food and who has been a vegan since may 2017. Sounds awesome right? Well, that is not the full story. I started this blog in… december 2017? January 2018? Something like that. But I have been dealing with my eating disorder since december 2016.

I thought that I was healthier but I was still obsessed with food and I was kinda being “too healthy”. I felt limited and unhappy. During summer 2018 I lost all the weigh I regained plus a bit more. They put me in a hospital where I spent over a month. At first they took away my veganism since the Swedish healthy care doesn’t know much about this diet. After three weeks of feeling like rubbish me and my wonderful mom convinced them though and I got to be the first anorexic person at that hospital to be given an vegan diet.

I don’t have much more to say about the eating disorder part right now. It’s an long story that I will tell more in the future. I can’t really say how it ends either since I am in that hospital, fighting, right now.

So, why this blog? Why the fucking internet like every other self-obsessed teen? Well, my goal is to share the amazingness of a vegan diet, and the amazingness of recovery. I want to inspiere others to get, or stay healthy. As soon as I get home I will share Amazing recipes again and my journy with mental illness.

Carrot Eating Zombie

When I first started this blog my username was Carrot Eating Zombie (Cause that was what I was). I recently Changed it to Cinnamonki (Cause I’m a monkey loving cinnamon (:, If there is any problems and the name pops up, I just thought you should know that. I’m also going to edit and repost my old posts.