New page – Lifestyle

I just added a new page on the blog – Lifestyle. Huh? On here I thought I’d post more Lifestyle related content talking more about me, eating disorders & basically Everything else that doesn’t have anything to do with food stuff.

So, this being my first Lifestyle post i thought I’d give you an update on what’s going on in this Little monkey’s Life – Currently I am being treated for anorexia with inpaitient ward at an hospital. I have been there since the beginning of August (2018). While I’m here I get to eat vegan (puh) and I also have a few permissions now. On the permissions I can cook and enjoy plating nicely again. I really miss home and I hate being an inpatient.

So. Let’s talk about two things.

  1. Why the hell do you need inpatient ward all of the sudden?

Basically I was fooling myself that I tried to recover when I during the summer 2018 ate less and less while I worked out harder and harder. The eating disorder treatment center I go to sent a police car and an ambulance to get me at our summer house. They drove me to the hospital where they took me in.

2. Secondly I just want to say that, damn, it is hard. I know. I knowIknowIknow. But, if you are reading this being an inpatient too – don’t fight them. Just kick your bad thoughts in the balls and do Everything that they tell you. Cause your ed won’t win. You will, and they will help you. If you listen to them they will also let you out sooner than if you refuse to eat so that they have to feed you trough tub. Because you can’t realese someone who can’t eat on their own. So – fight fight fight! I’ll fight with you!<3

Now. What have I done today?


There isn’t much going on here. I’m on permission right now. Soo, that’s good I guess. Made vanilla oats for breakkie – super delish. Have been pretty bored all day…

Tomorrow? Tomorrow I’m going back to the hospital Before diner. Bummer. I hope that I don’t have to stay long before my next permission…

But, until next time.

I truly hope that you’ll eat a lot of cinnamon & stay strong.



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